How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step by Step.

Tepig is a brand new Pokemon from Pokemon Black & White, and it’s probably the cutest Pokemon ever ^_^. There is a mini Pig living at the pier close to my place that looks exactly like him ^_^. If you're interested in learning how to draw other Pokemon characters be sure to click the Pokemon tag in the tag cloud on the right side of the page for all of our Pokemon tutorials. Get your materials ready as we begin today's Tepig tutorial.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 1

Step 01: Let’s start by drawing a slightly squashed circle for Tepig's head. It’s higher than wider and as you can see it is blue which in all my tutorials means this is just a construction line and we’ll erase it later so don’t push too hard on your pencil -_^ Also take a look at the border of the paper around, you will need at least this much space to finish the drawing, preferably even more ^_^

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 2

Step 02: This time we’ll draw another slightly squashed circle for Tepig's body, here wider than higher.

 How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 3

Step 03: In this step we’ll add the eye line which will help us to locate many important points in the next step. Notice it touches the body circle and is also sticking out a bit from the head circle marking the spot for his nose.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 4

Step 04: Remember how I said not to press too hard on the blue lines? Here’s why. Now, we’ll lighten the construction lines we’ve made so far either with a kneedable eraser or with a layer transparency if you are working in Photoshop.

Now we get to draw a few more new construction lines for his nose on the eye line where it crosses through the center of the head circle line. Go ahead and give him an eye as well. Draw the eye sitting on the eyeline in the middle of the head circle. Add two overlapping ears.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 5

Step 05: Draw 3 ellipses for legs that look a little bit like potatoes, notice that they are not all the same length and they are squished towards the foot area. Add a circle for his pigtail and connect it to the body with a curly line.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 6

Step 06: Once again, we’ve got to lighten the construction lines and start adding some finer details. His eye is giving you a blank pig stare so give him a pupil and a little shine in the eye, add the mark lines on Tepig's forehead and connect his nose with the body, you don’t want that to run away. Next, draw one more line that divides his belly.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 7

Step 07: Time for that beautiful piggy smile. Draw his mouth touching the bottom of the head circle, then draw the half circle for the tongue inside. Add 2 short lines on his nose for the nostrils and define the legs with some clean lines. We don’t want him to be barefoot so draw 2 cute hoofs for the front legs ^_^

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 8

Step 08: Alright, for the last time we’ll lighten the construction lines so they are hardly visible and use a nice dark pencil to draw the final lines. Notice as you trace how the front right leg overlaps the body while the other front leg and rear leg are partially hidden. Also, the ear on the right is slightly covered at the bottom. These are examples of our overlapping 3D principle. Let’s start with the wider tip first.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 9

Step 09: Time to refine. In this step use a sharper or thinner pencil and add marking lines to Tepig's forehead and belly.

How to Draw Tepig Pokemon Step 10

Step 10: We’re there. Erase any remaining construction lines completely or delete the construction layers if you are working in photoshop.

If your goal is to become a real manga master I suggest that you try to draw the picture again from memory without looking at the reference. This will help you to reinforce what you’ve learned. Compare it to the original and fix the mistakes. Now try it again, do it as many times as you need to get the perfect result. This way you will save the useful shapes in your head's shape library so you can use it in the future for your own Pokemon designs ^_^

Draw with passion!


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i just finished mine and used a fine point sharpie and mine came out AWESOME ima gona add other things to it :D ya

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+ + I am turly in love with tepig! I enjoy is personality, even though I don't know what the hell he is saying most of the time! xD My credit to the artist as well. . .

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