How to draw Naruto Step by Step.

How to draw Naruto Step by Step

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I’ve been planning to write the Naruto drawing tutorial for quite some time, being the most popular Manga from Shonen Jump, so it’s about time I did. ^_^ The Naruto Manga style is quite detailed and so I suggest following this drawing tutorial if you’ve already done some of the easier ones before. If you're interested in drawing other Naruto characters click on the "Naruto" tag on the right side of the page to see our other Naruto tutorials.

How to draw Naruto Step by Step 1

Step 01: Let’s start with some construction lines, I will draw these in blue pencil so it’s clear what we’ll be erasing later. Take a look at the borders of the paper. We’ve left a lot of white space because we’ll need enough free space around and especially above the circle. So we’ll begin by drawing a circle slightly taller than wider.

How to draw Naruto Step by Step 2

Step 02: On to step 2 where we’ll draw the center line, slightly to the right as Naruto’s head will be rotated this way. You should let the center line overlap the bottom of the circle a little bit as that’s where we’re going to put his chin. 

How to draw Naruto step by step 3

Step 03: One more major construction line and then we’ll move on to some more fun. Go ahead and draw the eye line slightly under the center of the circle. Keep in mind that since we are looking at Naruto from above the top part of the head will naturally look bigger to us and the features will be moved down a little.

How to draw Naruto Step by Step 4

Step 04: Let’s give ourselves a guide to the eyes by fixing the corners of the eyes with dots, these will be a big help later on cause these ones have quite a complex shape. Draw the inner corners on the eye line and the outer corners slightly above it. We need to be sure that the eye on the right side is closer to the center line, this is caused by the “Size 3d principle” as this part of face is further away from us.

 Also you should make sure to draw the eye on the right the same size or smaller than the other eye for the same reason. Now, we’ll continue and mark out some more features by drawing the line for the chin and the two nostrils above. He’s got eyes and nose so let’s finish up this step by giving him some ears too. Draw the ears, the one on the left bigger and overlapping the head and the one on the right smaller and partly behind the head. An example of our Overlapping 3d principle.

 How to draw Naruto Step by Step 5

Step 05: Now we’ll turn to adding in some more details. We should start by drawing his eyes connecting the corner dots we drew in the previous step. The bottom parts of his eyes are more angular compared to the top parts. Lastly we’ve got to give him the rest of his face so draw the jaw connecting the chin with the head circle.

 How to draw Naruto Step by Step 6

Step 06: Time for a little fun. Add the head band above his ears and draw 9 construction lines for the hair spiking out of the same center point. Spike it! The hair will be almost half of the size of the whole head, he must spend a fortune on shampoo ^_^

How to draw Naruto Step by Step 7

Step 07: Finish up his hairdoo by drawing the outer spikes with the help of the construction lines and don’t forget the two spikes overlapping the head band on the left.  Take the time now to draw the mouth on the level with the bottom of the head circle. The mouth corner on the left is more or less aligned with the center of the eye above while the mouth corner on the right is slightly closer to the center making this side of the mouth shorter. (Size 3D principle)

 How to draw Naruto Step by Step 8

Step 08: We’re filling in some more details here. You can start with the ears and eyes. The irisis touch the top of the eyes and the pupils are quite small giving Naruto his fox-like appearance. Lastly, for this step draw the metal plate on his headband.

 How to draw Naruto Step by Step 9

Step 09: A little more detail on the headband here. We’ll draw the top rim of the metal plate and add 6 circles for the bolts. The sign on Naruto’s headband is a leaf symbol that represents the name of his “hidden village”. I drew the construction line of the leaf with a thick nib so it would be easier to trace the outline with a thin line later. Next draw the eyebrows and brow wrinkles. These are important as they give his face character, eyebrows make a man. There, now Naruto’s gaze is even more intense and concentrated ^_^

How to draw Naruto Step by Step 10 

Step 10: Still, some more details. I’d start with Naruto’s whiskers. These are the signs that appeared on his cheeks after Kyuubi was placed in his body and they grow when he gets very angry and loses control over his Kyuubi power. I probably wouldn’t want to be around when that happens.  Next, you should draw the line for his neck and the collar of his jacket. Add construction lines for the shadows on his headband.

How to draw Naruto Step by Step 11

Step 11: Now that we have all construction lines in place it’s time we take them away, so feel free to lighten the lines with a kneedable eraser so that they are barely visible if you are drawing them on paper or create a new layer if you are drawing in photoshop. Put down the nice and dark final lines and add some thickness to Naruto’s upper lids.

 How to draw Naruto Step by Step 12

Step 12: As eyes are the most important part of the whole face I decided to give the pupils their own drawing step ^_^ Make sure to make them thinner than the rest of the lines so he doesn’t look too much like a monster.
How to draw Naruto Step by Step 13
Step 13: Almost there, just select the thin pencil or pen and trace the nostrils and brow wrinkles. Then, take some time and outline the leaf symbol on his headband.
How to draw Naruto Step by Step 14
Step 14:  Here’s an easier one. In this step just fill in the shadows, also draw some shadows inside the leaf symbol and under the metal plate of the head band to make it look more 3 dimensional, our 3D shading principle  ^_^
How to draw Naruto Step by step 15
Step 15: This is it, you’ve made it to the final step, just clean up the construction lines and your Naruto Shipunden is finished! (-_^) Make sure to post him in your gallery here so I can comment on your drawing. Also try to draw him from memory again, this is the best practice I can recommend. Let’s say you have a 5 minute break during school, pick up your pencil and paper and try to draw the best Naruto you can. Then later on compare it to the original and fix the mistakes. This way you will learn to draw Manga in no time (-_^).


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I can NeveR bE A tRue ArtIst,
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